Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Japanese Horror Remake: The Wright Girls

Who's excited for some girl-on-girl violence mixed with some weird sexual situations?! Uh, probably every guy with eyes. Especially if Megan Fox is one of those girls.

According to Bloody-Disgusting, Relativity Media is currently planning on a remake of the Japanese horror, 2LDK, which will be renamed, The Wright Girls. The first script for the film was written by Easy A scribe, Bert Royal, and word on the street is that Relativity is eying Andy Fickman to do revisions.

The production company is currently trying to sell the film in Berlin and hopes to begin filming by May. The film will follow two young actresses who are vying for the same role in a film. While waiting for a callback for who got the role, the two friends turn on each other, resulting in some sadistic violence along the way. My prediction? The two girls will practically kill each other only to find out that neither of them got the role.

Relativity is interested in the GORGEOUS Megan Fox for the role of one of the actresses and I hope to God she gets it. I don't care what anyone says about her--she's beautiful, funny, and she can actually act if she tries. I thought she did a great job in Jennifer's Body--am I the only one? Oh, well. She's still hotter than you.


Real Queen of Horror said...

Sounds like i'll be a pretty awesome movie! But all these remakes are getting out of hand. ;-\

ALSO! I love Megan Fox too! And I liked Jennifer's Body, especially the soundtrack!

Thomas said...

I love 2LDK. It's a nasty, brutal little piece of work that got lost in the glut of Nippon Ghost Girl movies during the big J-Horror wave. Wonder if the remake will be as mean and nihilistic?

Alex Jowski said...

Oh God! NO! 2LDK is one of my favorite shows ever and they're doing a remake of it? This depresses me.

Resmo112 said...

Never seen this movie but did we already make the joke about this being the sisters of Orvil and Wilbur? Not sure how it's a horror movie someone help me out here!

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