Friday, May 11, 2012

Chloe Moretz to Play a Zombie

Can Chloe Moretz do no wrong? She is on the fast track to becoming horror's biggest scream queen and one of Hollywood's biggest stars, appearing in what seems like ten movies a year. The young actress has taken on dark roles in Let Me In and most recently starred as a werewolf in Dark Shadows. Next, the new Carrie White will play a zombie in the horror flick, Maggie, which will begin production in September.

Variety reports that the 15 year-old actress will play the title role in the horror which follows a father, played by Paddy Considine, and daughter during a zombie apocalypse. Moretz' character becomes infected with the zombie virus and unlike other zombie films, the virus acts slowly and takes several months to take effect. The film will revolve around Maggie as she deals with her fate along with her family.

You had me at Zombie so I am definitely going to see this--Chloe is just an added bonus. Are you excited about her newest project?


Jenny Krueger said...

It's nice to have some young blood in the horror genre. I'm looking forward to the movie MAGGIE since I'm a lover of Zombies.

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