Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Cabin Fever: Patient Zero Cast Update

As if the last sequel to Cabin Fever wasn't awful enough (I love you, Ti West, but the movie SUCKED), Indomina films is looking to milk the film out of all it's worth, which is nothing at this point, and turn it into an unnecessary franchise. The latest installment, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, has finally landed some of its cast and will begin filming in the Dominican Republic in August.

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero is the third installment to the franchise which was created by Eli Roth in 2002. The first film followed a group of friends who became exposed to an unknown flesh-eating bacteria while staying in a cabin in the woods. The latest film will follow a group of passengers aboard a cruise ship that gets wrecked on a research island. The passengers must band together in order to survive before the bacteria kills them.

Variety reports that Sean Astin, Brando Eaton, and Ben Hollingsworth will star in the film which is written by Jake Wade Wall, the man behind the shitfest that is The Hitcher remake. You can just stop reading right here and plan on not seeing this film because it is most definitely going to suck balls. The story itself sounded redonk and once you realize who wrote it, you can see why.

Does this guy not understand the words "ridiculous" and "over-the-top"? Look them up, guy--PLEASE. Not even Sean Bean could save your last movie---one guy takes out an entire police force, including a helicopter--WITH ONE GUN?! I don't think so.

So, once Wade Wall completely ruins Cabin Fever, producers behind the film are planning to take it into a fourth installment to be titled, Cabin Fever: Outbreak.

The thing that I loved about Roth's original film were the characters and its setting. Take the story away from the atmosphere and lose the 80s feel of the original and you have nothing worth watching, especially when a shitty writer is set to create unbelievable characters. I wish Roth would just stop this!


The Meat Puppet is Currently Filming in Jersey

If 50 Shades of Grey was about a handsome playboy who seduced a young girl only to torture and murder her--I'd probably enjoy it. Obviously, actor Keith Collins knows exactly how horror-minds think because he created the upcoming horror, The Meat Puppet, which is currently filming in New Jersey.

Silver Phoenix Entertainment and Valenti Vision Films present The Meat Puppet, a horror about a successful playboy named Andrew "Drew" Shelton who happens to have a love for human flesh. The film stars Collins, and is written by Emmy award-winners, Joseph and Billy Pepiton (Stuck in the Middle).

The American Psycho-esque story revolves around Shelton as he murders beautiful girls to use as a part of his lavish dinner parties. The narcissistic bachelor becomes obsessed with finding the perfect specimen for his next meal and his actions may soon find him in trouble when a detective begins investigating.

The Meat Puppet is being directed by Joe Valenti and produced by Keith Collins, who came up with the idea behind the film. The horror stars, Gregg Valentino, Billy Sample,  Brandon Ruckdashel, Geri Reischl, Jason Prager, Billy Garcia, and many more familiar reality stars.

To find out more about the upcoming horror visit their Facebook page or visit their website, The Meat Puppet.

Facebook to Premiere New Horror "The Perfect House"

It has become easier for filmmakers and storytellers to deliver their art to the world today due to the various entertainment outlets made available to us. One of the biggest and fastest ways to spread the word and connect with an audience is through Facebook and the new indie horror, The Perfect House, will be the first to debut on the social media site.

The Perfect House, directed by Buffalo, NY native, Kris Hulbert, is the first film for the young director and the first indie feature film to premiere on the independent movie distribution platform specifically built for Facebook. The online feature film is currently available for purchase for $3 on the social networking site and will be released on DVD and VOD July 17.

On October 1, the film will be available on all major online formats including Facebook, ThePerfectHouse.com, Gratwickproductions.com as well as other online distributors.

The psychological horror, also written by Hulbert, examines real-life horror and the evil that resides within all individuals. The Perfect House is an anthology horror that follows three separate stories revolving around a dream house with dark secrets.

The indie horror takes the audience on a ride through three different time periods with specific horror styles such as the 60-70s black and white off-camera violence and suspense; the classic 80's slasher mixed with campy humor; as well as modern day horror with graphic scenes of violence. Everything in the film was specifically created to follow the traditional horror styles of the given time period so that the audience could experience the different sub-genres respectively.

The film stars, Jonathan Tiersten, Andrea Vahl, Chris Raab (aka Raab Himself from Jackass), Will Robertson, and many more.

For more information on The Perfect House check out Gratwick Productions or visit the film's Facebook page.

Dine with the S.T.A.R.S.

Gamers in Japan must have found themselves hungry while playing games from the Resident Evil franchise because now Capcom is set to open up a Resident Evil-themed restaurant in Tokyo on July 13. The horror-themed dining area will be called, Biohazard Cafe & Grill S.T.A.R.S. I guess nothing makes you hungrier than a bunch of dead things consuming the flesh of the living--am I right?

The Friday the 13th grand opening will take place in Tokyo's Shibuya Parco Part-1 Department store. The restaurant is clearly inspired by the hit zombie game series and will include limited edition items as well as appearances from S.T.A.R.S. team members.

The establishment will open just in time for the next installment in the game series, Resident Evil 6, which is set to release for consoles in October.

Capcom, please open one of these restaurants in the US, preferably my hometown of Dedham, which is pronounced DEAD-ham--it fits perfectly with the theme of the series, don't you think?!

Friday, June 22, 2012


Will Penny Talks Sex and Monsters

It seems like nowadays everyone is writing comics and going on to becoming successful artists within the entertainment industry. There are so many different works of art to choose from and there are even more popping up in the horror genre. Although not officially published, comic artist and writer, Will Penny, of Sex and Monsters has created a fun and hilarious site which includes his racy and lighthearted comics. The part time comic nerd and full-time lawyer took the time to talk with me about his love of comics, monsters...and sex.
Like most comic artists, Penny has been making comics ever since he could. It wasn't until middle school when the storyteller realized that he could use his comic skills to his advantage, explaining, "I really got into art and comics when I realized it was a good way to grab the attention of my female classmates in middle school!  I wasn't much of a jock (which is to say I was a complete nerd), but I could make people laugh with my drawings, and so I kind of latched onto that talent and went with it."

The lawyer eventually used his talents to create quirky comics which revolve around his favorite part of the horror genre--sex and monsters. Taking inspirations from old monster mags and the popular Tales from the Crypt series, combined with the famous styles of artists like John Severin, Gahan Wilson, and Bill Keane, he developed a series of works perfect for horror fans looking for something classic yet completely new.

Some of his biggest inspirations are Severin's artwork in Cracked Monster Party, Gahan's artwork in Playboy, Ray Bradbury's stories, the Night on Bald Mountain sequence in Fantasia, and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz (I was OBSESSED with those when I was younger!)

Penny's comics are made for horror fans as he understands horror fans because the artist is one himself. In response to the horror genre and the ones that love it, he explained, "I think one thing I've noticed during this recent 'geek renaissance' that modern culture has been going through, is that horror genre fans are some of the most non-exclusive and most accepting types of fans around...I think us horror fans grow up sympathizing with monsters like Frankenstein and Quasimodo, and we learn from a very early age to be accepting of others -- even if they are undead freaks! So that's pretty cool.”

His comics contain a little bit of something for everyone in the genre and include some risque drawings that probably aren't suitable for younger readers. However, despite the topics covered in his comics, Penny states, "I sometimes think I don't go 'far' enough with my Sex and Monsters comic strips! I'll sometimes come up with an idea and think, 'maybe I should add another boob here, or maybe a splash of blood here!'"

Penny hopes to continue making his comic strips for the rest of his days and has plans on printing and initial Sex and Monsters collection. Right now, along with drawing up his next strip, the artist is planning his trip to San Diego's Comic Con--the mecca for comic nerds everywhere. He detailed, "I'm [also] designing a t-shirt, some post cards, and some glow-in-the-dark buttons to hand out to folks during the San Diego Comic Con in a few weeks.  If I don't run out, I'll probably make that stuff available through my website at some point."

Check out Penny's Sex and Monster comics and cartoons and if you'd like to chat about it, discuss comics in general, or request his hand in marriage, email him at WillPenny@sexandmonsters.com!


Where on Earth is Morgan Jones?

Do you remember the father and son who saved Rick Grimes' life in the pilot episode of The Walking Dead? It's understandable if you don't; the father-son duo haven't been seen or even mentioned on the zombie series since their initial appearance. Now, actor Lennie James, who played father, Morgan Jones, talks about a possible return to the hit AMC show.

The actor talked to Digital Spy about guest starring on the series again, explaining that his busy schedule hasn't allowed him to return.

 James explained, "It remains a possibility I could return. The character I played is away for a long time, so it’s kind of up to them whether I stay away or if I come back. There have been a few back and forth conversations and they check up on me every now and then. I had a fantastic time working on the pilot with Andy Lincoln and especially Frank Darabont. He’s somebody that I’d directorially always wanted to work with and I’m glad I got the opportunity.”

He continued, "There’s a possibility I might go back. It just depends on timing-wise if I’m free. At least one of the times they contacted me about it, I was busy doing something else.”

Okay James, if the producers of The Walking Dead call you about coming back--you go back, no matter how busy you are! I haven't seen him in anything recently so he must not be that busy. I'm also sure that if the actor was to return as Morgan in the series, the producers would do their best to keep it a secret.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

New Zombie Documentary on the Way

Zombies have always been a beloved subgenre of mine and with their recent popularity growth, I have plenty of material to choose from. Not familiar with zombies? I highly doubt that but in case you are, director, Alexandre O Philippe, is currently working on a zombie documentary appropriately titled, Doc of the Dead. The film has already landed actor, Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead), and the Godfather of zombie lore himself, George A. Romero, to appear in onscreen interviews.

Exhibit A Pictures is behind the new horror-doc that is set to thoroughly examine the cinematic history of zombies as well as their importance to the horror genre. The documentary is currently filming and a release date has not been set.

I'm pumped for this because not only am I obsessed with horror documentaries (Never Sleep Again is one of my favorites), I think that the zombie subgenre is well deserving of an in-depth examination, more now than ever before. Yes, there have been documentaries on the undead monsters; however, they pail in comparison to the 240 minute run-time of other horror documentaries.

I will watch the history of zombies ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. Zombies for life, yo.

What are your thoughts about this new documentary? Hopefully, Romero and Pegg will have bigger roles in the doc rather than small interviews!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The Bleeding House Movie Review

A little subtlety goes a long way, especially in horror. It conveys the audience to think about what they are actually seeing as they absorb it and let it simmer in their minds for the length of the film and sometimes, long after the film is over. The indie horror, The Bleeding House, used a subtlety when playing out their tale of family secrets and sins and it worked in some ways. Unfortunately, the story and some of its characters became sloppy in some places, making it difficult to fully enjoy the film. Although not a cinematic horror masterpiece, the film is still interesting to watch.

The 2011 horror, directed and written by Philip Gelatt, opens with a family who are seriously dysfunctional and clearly on edge. The tension between the four individuals--the mother, father, son, and daughter--is established immediately, however, the audience is unaware of why or how they became that way. The dinner discussion soon turns to the shy and distant daughter, Gloria, who is reprimanded for her lifestyle; she keeps dead insects on her walls and is obviously bizarre.

Eventually, a Southern stranger appears on their doorstep seeking their help and when he quotes a passage from the Bible, the family's hesitations are eased and they invite him inside of their broken home. At first the stranger, Nick, is very appealing and seemingly kind-hearted, until he decides to begin what he had come for in the first place.

Nick begins the process of cleansing the house of its sins by allowing the family to confess and by removing their "souls" all the while, preaching his beliefs and expressing his infatuation with Gloria, who seems to be a lot like him.

The family's secrets are revealed slowly and an even bigger secret is revealed about Gloria, one that could have been guessed from very early on in the film. The performances from the main core of characters are realistic and give the film a real feel, however, whenever the minor girlfriend character shows up on the screen, it takes you away from that atmosphere and forces you to think about how awful she is acting.

Nick's character is more charming than frightening and I suppose the director preferred him to be that way; I just didn't find a lot of his actions to be terrifying or even smart, for that matter. For someone who was specifically sent to a house to murder people, he was very sloppy at getting the job done.

In the process of capturing the mother and father, Nick allows Gloria to flee from the home without going after her. Even prior to entering the home he allows the son to drive away, seeing his face and all. A lot of his actions did not make sense; they frustrated me and I am sure they will frustrate any other moviegoer that decides to watch the film.

The film was slow and that wasn't the problem. The problem with the movie is it seemed a little messy and there wasn't a very clear message by its end. Gloria and Nick are very similar in their actions but very different in their intentions and I would guess that the meaning behind this was that some people are just born evil, while others believe that they are doing the world good.

Nick's true identity is never revealed to the audience by the end of the film and that's fine. However, it would have been nice if we were given just a bit more information about him so that we could conclude if he was human or not. The man clearly had been at his profession for a very long time and suffered several injuries along the way, making one question how he has been able to survive through it all.

I would have loved to see more of Nick's backstory and see how his career as a soul-collector began. He tells his victims the story of his family but we later learn that it was all a lie. It would have been interesting to see some of his past or to see how he actually came to the chosen family.

I have a soft spot in my heart for indie horror films because you know how hard the directors and writers actually try to make something that the fans will enjoy. The premise behind this film was an interesting one but its execution wasn't ideal. Most of the performances were enjoyable and the atmosphere was chilling at times. However, by the end of the film there are more questions than answers and a small mess that needs to be cleaned up.

Overall, the film had an interesting plot and characters but it did not succeed in fully engrossing the viewer. Some of the character's actions were frustrating and a lot of things weren't answered. For an indie film, it was interesting to watch and I suggest fans of the genre view it and make their own opinions on it. The movie is a pass for mainstream audiences who really don't have the patience to sit through a slow-burn film, especially when the payoffs of The Bleeding House aren't completely exciting.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Who is Alcide's Daddy?

True Blood fans can finally see the man who created the genetically blessed werewolf, Alcide, this season when he makes an appearance in the 9th episode titled, Everybody Wants to Rule the World. Terminator 2 bad guy, Robert Patrick, will play the dude responsible for making Alcide the man, er--wolf he is today.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news of Patrick's guest appearance on the hit HBO series explaining that he will play Jackson Herveaux in a 1980s flashback of Alcide's teenage years. During that time, Jackson was somewhat of a heroic figure but now he has given up on life.

Jackson is also the reason Alcide agreed to help Sookie search for Bill, which we will find out more about in the upcoming episode airing August 5th.

Mother's Day Movie Review

Nobody loves murderous mother's more than horror fans and when the remake of the 1980 Troma classic, Mother's Day, was finally released, most of us were probably ecstatic. The remake had a great cast, a decent director, and a pretty badass storyline. How could it go wrong, right? I'm sorry--that wasn't a serious question because as horror fans also know, remakes of our favorite films aren't always good. The remake of Mother's Day can be added to the list of awful remakes due to its disarry of events and story along with the ridiculous acting and overall crapiness. Sorry Bousman but you should stick to Saw and musicals.

The film follows a group of friends who are partying in their new home. Right away the audience is aware that something odd is going on between Mr. and Mrs. Sohapi (Jaime King and Frank Grillo), who clearly aren't so happy (oh, snap!). Meanwhile, a trio of criminals are chaotically driving and shouting about the bad things that just happened to them when one of them insists that they go home. Home just so happens to be the new home of the unsuspecting party-goers. And...we have a movie.

The criminals barge into their house because the new homeowner was stupid enough to leave his front door unlocked, and when Daniel Sohapi responds to the noise upstairs, he realizes that he and his friends have some uninvited guests. Eventually, the rest of the Sohapi's friends realize what's going on and the entire group is held hostage by the crazy family who eventually call in their psychotic mother for extra help.

Sometimes jumping into the action right away can be good, like in Saw, but for this film it was done absolutely wrong. There is no character development or real setup before the criminals enter the Sohapi's home and start torturing them. We know nothing about the unbelievable group of friends other than the fact that some of them have secrets and don't really like each other too well. And the women are ridiculously good looking...except Jaime King, who they made look plain and unappealing.

I didn't give a damn about ANY of the characters, beside George (Shawn Ashmore) who actually connected with one of the family members and actually challenged the mother. He was the only likeable character and he was kind of pushed to the side. I need more Shawn Ashmore, please.

There was an unnecessary story about child loss and an even more ridiculous subplot about Jaime King's character being pregnant and planning on leaving with the crazy family's money. She was clearly trying to protect her unborn child the entire time by lying to the crazy family about their money and allowing her friends to be tortured for hours. AND she remained pregnant even after flipping her car into a ditch and bitch-fighting Rebecca De Mornay. Totally believable. OH, and her husband was cheating on her with one of her friends. Yes, all of that shenanigans was in the film which would have done just fine without it. No, that isn't character development Darren Lynn Bousman, that's a bunch of bullshit you threw together to make it seem like your characters actually had reasons for their actions.

The criminals weren't really that scary, especially the weak-looking Addley who only liked to fight girls. The three good-sized men who he was holding in captivity could've charged at him and took him down in an instant but if they did there would have been no film. Even the main criminal, Ike, wasn't very intimidating at all. He was extremely good looking and the entire time I was hoping that he and King would just have sex.

De Mornay played the mother very well because she did come off both likeable and terrifying. She had the uncanny ability to play a character who could totally be your best friend one minute and easily turn on you without remorse. Basically, it was her character from The Hand That Rocks the Cradle...just older and less hot. And with less breastfeeding. Gah.

I didn't find the film to be overly gory but it was violent. The scene that bothered me most was when the son set one of the girl's hair on fire while she was tied up. It just gave me that overwhelming claustrophobic feeling of not being able to move because in her situation she couldn't move--she was totally powerless and had no choice but to deal with the pain. Plus, fire to your face and hair? Bitches need those physical attributes to get anything in life! You may as well just kill me after setting my face on fire because there would be no point in living. True that.

It was clear that the director had worked on the Saw franchise because some of the violent scenes were very Saw-esque. The criminals gave their victims a choice of how they wanted to die or handle a situation and allowed them to turn on each other without having to do any of the work. It just seemed very recycled and I would have rather seen something new.

The entire film seemed all over the place and at times, over-the-top. It was too unbelievable and the characters made some really irritating decisions. And can somebody please tell me why no one in the Sohapi's neighborhood heard the several gunshots that were fired at their home? They must have been deaf as hell because the criminals were shooting things up like they were at a Mexican parade.

I haven't seen the original so I have absolutely no idea how it compares. As a standalone film, it's completely passable. It didn't bring anything new to the table and it certainly didn't excite me or make me root for any of the characters. I didn't even want to finish it but I forced myself because I paid $1.25 to see it and I wanted to give it a fair review.

The film isn't worth a rent unless you are a fan of the original and want to see how well it stands up. There are no redeemable characters, there are no awesome scenes that make you shout "FUCK YEAH!" and there's nothing that is worth keeping your attention the whole way through. Not even nudity. So, screw this movie and rent something else. Thank me later.


The Best Dad's in Horror

As a female I know how important the father-daughter relationship can be in the development of life. If daddy bails on his little princess, said princess usually turns out to be a promiscuous individual with tons of issues that she will repeatedly relive through the countless men who remind her of the first man who  broke her heart. However, if daddy actually sticks around--like mine did--his little princess most likely will become the daddy's girl she was born to be.

 The father-daughter and/or father-child relationship is just as important in horror as is the relationship with mother. In honor of the upcoming Father's Day, I decided to compile a list of some of the greatest dads in horror--good and bad. Enjoy and don't forget to read it over with your pops!

10.)Captain Spaulding--House of 1000 Corpses/The Devil's Rejects

Not only does Captain Spaulding dress up as a clown--which is creepy enough--the sadistic bastard actually teaches his kids to be murderous maniacs. In House of 1000 Corpses he wasn't revealed to be the father of the Firefly family, he was just shown as a major contributor to their sick lives. Spaulding would lure unsuspecting tourists in the direction of his family and well, you know the rest. In The Devil's Rejects, Spaulding goes on the run with his two favorite kids and kills as many people as necessary. While other dads were teaching their kids to play baseball, Spaulding was teaching his how to shoot a gun and avoid the police.

9.)Lt. Donald Thompson--A Nightmare on Elm Street

John Saxon. Enough said.

8.)Mr. Collingwood--The Last House on the Left

As I mentioned before, a father-daughter relationship is extremely important. The bond between a father and daughter is unbreakable and if someone tries to mess with that, they are most definitely going to get their ass beat. In the case of the Collingwood's, when someone murders their daughter they decide to give the murderers a taste of their own medicine. Mrs. Collingwood exacted some of the best revenge but that doesn't meant Mr. Collingwood's wasn't just as good. Armed with a shotgun, the father kills two of the assailants and later kills the mastermind with a chainsaw. A chainsaw! It just goes to show that just because a guy is a doctor and looks like he couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag doesn't mean that he doesn't know how to operate heavy machinery that could slice you into pieces. Mr. Collingwood for the win!

7.)Dad Meiks--Frailty

When you're young, your father is your ultimate hero. He's the man you look up to and want to be like when you're older and that's exactly how Fenton and Adam felt about their dad. Things start to change when Dad Meiks brings home a person, claiming that they are a demon, and kills them--because God told him to. Fenton, the oldest of the sons, immediately questions his father's sanity and fears that his father is murdering innocent people. However, Dad Meiks continues to preach his ways and his son Adam grows up to take over the business. As it turns out, Dad  Meiks really was receiving messages from God and he really was cleaning up demons from the Earth. So, he really was a hero after all!

6.)Loy Colton--Near Dark

Parents are supposed to stick by their children through thick and thin, even if their child gets turned into a blood-sucking vampire. Loy Colton never turned his child away, even after he was a monster. This dad definitely deserves the father-of-the-century award for fighting for his kid, no matter how dangerous his opponents were. Not only did Colton stand up for his son, he friggin cured him! Colton's determination and drive (and intelligence) allowed him to create an anecdote that would change his son back into a human and save his life, all while simultaneously defeating the pesky family of vamps, of course. You go, dad!

5.)Robert Thorn--The Omen

Robert Thorn meant well when he decided to take an abandoned baby and switch it with the stillborn child his wife delivered--without telling her. This is the perfect example of things that husband's should discuss with their wives before doing...because the decisions that men make are usually stupid ones. And stupid is as stupid does (I just really wanted to say that). After taking the child into their home and loving it with all their hearts, little Damien starts exhibiting some questionable behavior--because he is the son of the devil! Robert's good intentions get him and his wife into a whole lot of trouble, causing death and pain to everyone involved. Yeah, he made a bad decision but Robert was a good father. Especially when he tried to kill his son to save the world. At least you tried, buddy!

4.)George Lutz--The Amityville Horror

George Lutz is the all-American dad who is just trying to do right by his family. The dedicated father and husband wants what's best for his family when he purchases a house that just so happens to be haunted. Over several weeks the house takes it's toll on George and turns him into a nutcase. However, the love of his wife and children prevail and George is able to escape the grips of the demon house without ever harming anyone. In George's case, love really does conquer all. Yawn.

3.) Jerry Blake--The Stepfather 

Ugh...any guy who thinks he can come into an already established family and weasel his way into the hearts of a woman's children is just a complete dick. Children will always have a loyalty to their father and there will never be anything that some cheeseball new guy can do or say about it. Unless he's Jerry Blake--that mofo is crazy. Especially when you realize that he doesn't really love your mother to begin with. Any guy who has a psychotic meltdown in your basement and then proceeds to change his personality like a switch is one to fear. No, Jerry definitely isn't the best father in the world but he definitely makes your cherish yours a whole lot more.

2.) Ed Harley--Pumpkinhead

What father wouldn't kill for their child? Ed Harley wanted to do just that when a bunch of teens killed his son but he decided he would seek his revenge in a more viscous way--through a demon. The distraught father seeks the help of a witch and begs her to bring his son back. However, when the witch tells him she cannot do so, he asks her to create a creature that will kill for him. Like all witchcraft and magic, Harley's vengeance comes with a price and he soon realizes that after witnessing the destruction he's caused and understands that he and the monster start to become one. Harley, initially hell bent on revenge and murder, sees that the pain he is causing is just as bad as the pain the teens caused on him and he puts an end to it by taking his own life. What a stand up guy...even though he was the reason that Pumpkinhead existed in the first place. He learned his lesson though!

1.) Jack Torrance--The Shining

C'mon, you had to know he was going to be my number one. Jack Nicholson's performance as the unstable husband and father was brilliant and entertaining. The actor brought Stephen King's character to life and created a person that audience's could actually like, feel for, and fear. Torrance wasn't evil at first; sure, he had his demons, but he did love his family. To take care of his wife and child, he took a job as an innkeeper at the haunted Overlook hotel during the winter. The hotel and it's actual demons and ghosts preyed on the mentally unstable father and worked on him until he gave in to their temptations. The end result was awesome to watch--and totally frightening--but it was heartbreaking to see Torrance lose himself completely. He may not be your number one choice for the fact that he tried to kill his family but he's my number one because he really did try to take care of them at one point. His wife's constant nagging and doubt only made him lose his mind. Per usual, it was the woman's fault!

There you have it; my list of the best dad's in horror. Although not all were the cuddly and warm-hearted fellows you'd actually like to spend the holiday with, they were memorable and made horror a hell of a lot more entertaining. Who's on your list?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Look Who's Back on TWD

A few days ago a photo revealed that a familiar face of AMC's The Walking Dead would be back in the third season and he would be more than just a dream. Everyone's favorite racist asshole, Merle (Michael Rooker), was seen on set and the newest screenshot allows us to see what he's done with his missing hand.

The picture, courtesy of Spoiler TV, shows Merle's hand replacement, some type of hook that would work perfectly for killing zombies. There aren't many details on Rooker's return to the series, probably because it is supposed to be a secret, but audiences can guess that Merle will most likely be a part of the Governor's entourage.

Ah, I can't wait for the life-altering decisions that Darryl will be forced to make when he is reunited with his brother and must decide to fight with him or his new friends.

 A Walking Dead marathon will air on July 7 and 8, re-airing all 19 episodes from the first two seasons and re-broadcasting the pilot episode in black and white, for a comic-book feel. The marathon event will include season 3 teasers and be followed by a brand new episode of The Talking Dead, which will air more scoop on the upcoming season.

Are you excited about Merle's return?

Newest Addition to the Living Dead Dolls Collection

Who need Barbies when you can play with Living Dead Dolls? For the horror obsessed individuals out there who are looking for an alternative toy that suits their morbid fantasies, or for those of you who love to collect all things horror, Mezco Toyz Living Dead Dolls will satiate your appetite. The company has just unveiled it's newest addition to their collection--the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse--and they can be yours just in time for the end of the world.

Mezco released a statement detailing their newest creations, War, Death, Famine, and Pestilence who will be available November 2012. Each awesome doll is 10 inches tall and comes with real cloth clothing and it's own unique horse. Along with the horse, Pestilence comes with a Plague mask while War comes with a helmet and gas mask. All four dolls come individually packaged in the usual Living Dead Dolls coffin.

Super cute! I was getting overly excited while writing this because I really, really want all four of these to go along with my collection. I won't have any place to put them but just having them will satisfy me enough. I'm definitely putting these on my Christmas list--and one of my brothers (aka Chris) better buy me at least one.

Will you be buying the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse? Don't pretend like you're too cool for dolls.

Monday, June 11, 2012


True Blood Season 5 Premiere Recap

Remember when True Blood used to be good? It's been a while and after viewing the first episode of season 5, I was still left unimpressed and by the look of what's to come in future episodes, I'm guessing that I will continue to feel that way. Last night's season 5 episode was boring, slow, and a bit cheesier than usual and I hope things will heat up with the introduction of The Vampire Authority.

Last night's premiere, Turn! Turn! Turn!, picked up exactly where last season left off: Tara had been shot in the head by Debbie Pelt, Eric and Bill had just murdered Nan, and Alcide had just killed Marcus--the head of his werewolf pack. The opening of the season showed how the characters dealt with their situations, respectively.

Sookie and Lafayette are overcome with emotion from the unexpected death of Tara and when Pam arrives looking for Eric, the pair beg her to turn their friend into the creature that she hates most--a vampire. Pam reluctantly agrees, after deciding that Sookie will owe her (of course), and she feeds her blood to Tara and allows herself to be buried with her to complete the transition. While waiting to see if their plan works, Sookie and Lafayette clean up Debbie's body and discuss the events prior, including the death of Lafayette's boyfriend, Jesus.

Sookie is also visited by a distraught Alcide, still oblivious to Debbie's murder, informing her that Russell Edgington has escaped his cement grave.Alcide insists that Russell will come after Sookie and she must come with him so that he can keep her safe. However, feeling guilty for murdering his former love, Sookie turns him away and decides to handle the situation on her own.

Meanwhile, Eric and Bill are captured by the Authority and on the way to their destination, the pair team up to get themselves out of the situation. They blow up the car, miraculously unscathed, only to find that one of the Authority members transferring them is Nora, Eric's "sister", who had planned to rescue them all along.

A bunch of pointless chit-chat and awkward-creepy sex where Eric and Nora call each other brother and sister occurs followed by the news that Russell has escaped. Eric and Bill agree to go into hiding, in order to keep themselves and Nora safe, however, before they can get away, The Authority captures all three vampires.

During the vampire shenanigans Sam is being stalked by Marcus' pack who are looking for his body. For fear that the pack will hurt Luna and Emma--and because he doesn't want to rat Alcide out--Sam tells them he killed Marcus and goes with them. After being tortured, he eventually brings the pack to Marcus' body where Alcide shows up with Luna and explains that he murdered the greasy wolf. Then Marcus' parents proceed to eat Marcus' body--um, wtf?

In the midst of all the "action", Jessica has Bill's estate to herself and she decides to act like a college kid and invites a bunch of random college students over to party. Jason shows up, because he still wants Jessica (who wouldn't), but is sad to find that she seems to have moved on. Along with this boring scenario, Terry and his mysterious marine buddy (played by Scott Foley) bicker over things that happened during their service and it becomes clear that the two are a part of something bigger.

As usual, True Blood always jams so many different storylines into one episode and season, making it almost hard to follow along or even care about everything that is happening. Poor Sookie and all of the people who are dying and leaving her--wah, wah, wah. Uh, I don't give a crap about her "poor" life--show me more of her Faery powers! Take the girl back to the faery world that season 4 opened up with and never spoke of again. Please.

And enough of the Jason and Jessica romance! It's boring and drawn out. I want to see Jason be the manwhore that he is meant to be. I'm still convinced that the only reason he even loves Jessica is because she fed him her blood. And since when did little-miss-constant-virgin become such a promiscuous being? I don't get it. Their entire relationship is annoying and uninteresting.

I'm not sure what's going on with the Bellefleurs but I would love it if the writer's actually revealed ANYTHING once and a while. The mystery between Terry and his buddy will probably be dragged out to the point where audience's forget it even existed. Sigh.

I am excited to see The Vampire Authority and see Christopher Meloni kick some ass--and he better kick some ass. I'm not sure if I like Bill and Eric's new bromance; there were a few times I was expecting them to lean over and start making out with one another. It's fun when they hate each other and bicker--no one wants them to be friends. At least, I don't.  

And dear lord, do not even get me started on Tara. I wanted that bitch to die like 3 seasons ago and for some reason the writers are keeping her around. I cannot stand her and her self-righteous attitude and her hatred for the vampires. Yeah, we get it, Tara. You had a hard life and vampires are always making it worse--you don't have to keep pouting and reminding us of it every five seconds.

When she was shot in the head last season I was so happy because I thought the show had finally rid itself of one of the worst and most annoying characters on there. BUT, in the last few seconds of the show she comes back as a vampire and apparently attacks Sookie. Following the show we were given clips throughout the season and it looks like Tara is going to be A LOT more annoying as a vampire. Can't friggin' wait.


I will obviously continue to watch True Blood, no matter how awful it is, because I do love some of the characters and I do love their world. I just wish that things were better. Please get better.

What did you think of last night's episode?

Friday, June 8, 2012


Clive Barker Gets Sued for Giving Ex HIV

Poor Clive Barker. Earlier this year the horror genius most notable for Hellraiser fell into a coma that almost took his life. Soon after waking and recovering, things seemed to get better for the author/director/artist who's Nightbreed series was picked up to be made into a television show. On the same day that he was announced to write the upcoming, Zombie Vs. Gladiators, his former flame, Emilian David Armstrong, filed a lawsuit against him claiming that he gave him HIV.

According to TMZ, Armstrong is filing the suit for support that he feels entitled to. The suit claims that Barker gave Armstrong HIV in 1996 and discovered that the horror legend contracted the disease from sleeping with his cousin who had AIDS. Armstrong explains that he waited sixteen years to file the lawsuit because the pair initially wanted to battle the disease together, before their relationship fell a part around 2003 due to Barker's drug addiction.

Barker's ex rehashed the details of their relationship as well as the questionable things that Barker participated in over the years--which is a little unnecessary, if you ask me. Apparently, Armstrong was Barker's work partner and claims he is owed some of his profits. Armstrong also insists that Barker promised him support for life.

I'm not really sure if the basis of the lawsuit is that Barker gave his ex-boyfriend HIV or if he dumped him and isn't supporting him as he promised. If Armstrong is suing Barker for giving him HIV, I'm not sure how he could win the case unless he can prove that Barker intentionally gave him HIV and in that case, Barker would most likely go to jail--right? However, if Armstrong is suing Barker for support, something he has no legal right to if he wasn't legally married to the horror mistro, I don't see how he could win the case either way.

Uh, here's some advice Armstrong: GET A FUCKING JOB! Seriously. But no, you'd rather bash a person that you once loved and humiliate him to the press. How very cool of you.

As for the things revealed about Barker--um ew. What's the deal with sleeping with your cousin? Now I understand why all of his work is morally messed up and completely disgusting.

I wasn't aware that Barker had HIV until reading about this case and that's sad in itself. Imagine going through that while simultaneously having to deal with a bogus lawsuit from your whiny ex who is just as responsible for getting HIV? If he was so concerned about his life he would have made him wear a condom in the first place.

Ohhh people, you make me sick.

Another Awesome Looking Zombie Game

Sony has the upcoming The Last of Us, Capcom has Resident Evil 6, and now Ubisoft has ZombiU. The innovative new survival horror game will be sold exclusively for Nintendo's upcoming Wii U console and will fully utilize the tablet-like game controller.

The game premiered it's trailer at E3 and the game controls were displayed in a demo during the Ubisoft conference. The newest addition to the zombie craze does look fun and similar to games like Island of the Dead and Left 4 Dead.

The game is a launching title for the Wii U and it's a slight departure from the usual family-friendly games typically released with the console. Although the horror game does make me want to purchase the system, I still have some reservations about its controller--am I the only one who thinks it looks confusing as hell?

Anyways, check out the trailer and demo below. Will you be purchasing the Wii U?


Upcoming Horror Game Releases

Sorry for the lack of posts this week; I have been in Miami and Brazil searching and hunting down zombies and preventing the world from the apocalypse. During my downtime I was able to catch G4's coverage of E3 and flipped my shit when I saw the gameplay and trailer for Sony's The Last of Us and Capcom's Resident Evil 6.

The Last of Us, which was originally announced at the Video Game Awards earlier this year, will be sold exclusively for the Playstation 3--which sucks because I don't own the console. The game follows two survivors, Joe and Ellie, as they make their way through a post-apocalyptic Philadelphia and fend for their lives against the various obstacles they are presented with.

A demo of the mysterious survival horror game was shown at the Entertainment Expo and from just watching a little over 6 minutes, gamers can assume that it is going to be AWESOME. The game is very realistic and brutal and it gets even more interesting when you need to go through your inventory. If you haven't seen the gameplay check it out below.

Along with The Last of Us, which still does not have a release date, the survival horror, Resident Evil 6, debuted a new trailer and some new gameplay. The zombie horror series reinvented itself with part 4 and after viewing the newest trailers for the upcoming entry to the series, it looks like Capcom has done it again, adding completely new elements while remaining true to its origin.

I'm PUMPED for this game! Not only are gamers reintroduced to our favorite characters from throughout the series, we also get to do new things like drive motorcycles, fly helicopters, and swim through zombie infested waters. October can't come soon enough!

Check out both trailers below and tell me what you think! And please, if any of you have a PS3--invite me over. Thanks.

The Last of Us

Resident Evil 6

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