Friday, July 13, 2012

And the Winners Are...

It's Friday the 13th and you know what that means? Besides a hockey-masked mama's boy creeping around all of you sexually active--it's the end of my first giveaway! The winner of the autographed Comic-Con edition DVD of the upcoming horror anthology, The Perfect House is...

Eric Martin! Eric's favorite anthology horror is The Willies, a underrated horror that a lot of moviegoers seem to miss.

The second prize, which is a regular DVD of the horror film is...

Melanie! Melanie's favorite anthology horror is Tales from the Darkside and she won big points by mentioning Christian Slater in her response.

All of your responses were fun to read and a winner was chosen unanimously (I picked a name out of a hat, son!). Please subscribe to my blog and stay connected for future giveaways.

Thank you all for reading and participating!


Guts and Grog Reviews said...

Thanks. Stoked.

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