Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Autographed DVD Giveaway!

The people over at Gratwick Productions have decided to present my readers with a copy of their upcoming horror anthology, The Perfect House, for the Morgue's first giveaway! Two readers will be chosen to win a free copy of the haunted house horror which will be released July 17 on DVD and VOD.

First prize is a Comic-Con edition of the DVD, signed by filmmaker Kris Hulbert and graphic designer Chris Barber. The runner-up will receive a regular version of the DVD.

To win:

1.) Make sure to LIKE The Perfect House and Mandy's Morgue of Horror on Facebook

2.) Follow The Perfect House on Twitter

3.) Comment below or email me at Amanda@Mandysmorgueofhorror.com detailing your favorite horror anthology and why!

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The Perfect House is an anthology horror that follows three separate stories revolving around a dream house with dark secrets.

 Enter to win a FREE DVD to add to your collection of horror movies. The contest will end this Friday, July 13 and the winners will be announced shortly after. Why pass up the chance to win something? Enter now!!

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Matthew Baker said...

My favorite horror anthology is Trilogy of Terror. I love this one because that Zuni fetish doll still scares the crap out of me today (and I'm 38!).

Guts and Grog Reviews said...

My favorite horror anthology is definitely The Willies. It is so under appreciated. Donkey Lips, Sean Astin, a Growing Pains reference/cameo that kills. Love this movie.

Eric Martin

Maynard Morrissey said...

As much as I love stuff like "Nightmares", "Creepshow" or "Trick R Treat", ma favorite anthology is "Three... Extremes"

It's three disturbing and deeply haunting episodes from Takashi Miike, Park Chan-wook and Fruit Chan.
The whole thing is pretty unsettling and able to creep the shit outta you, but it's also fantastically written, wonderfully directed, beautifully filmed and full of stunning actors. I love it!!

Amanda said...

Ahh I love reading these! Trilogy of Terror was creepy--I hate that doll too. And OMG I used to love The Willies! I couldn't remember the name of the movie so thank you Guts and Grog for reminding me!

cpage2323 said...

well, those are all good. so i will go more recent and say trick 'r treat was funny, scary and a bit gory. it was a fun little flick.
trixie420247 at yahoo dot com

cpage2323 said...

p.s. i did the first 2 requirements
fb (tina w page)
twitter @trixie420247

Tonya said...

I would have to choose Tales From The Crypt because I like the crypt keeper. Plus, the movies are not too scary so they are fun for preteens who want to watch "scary" movies at a slumber party

Tommy said...

Definitely Creepshow BY FAR. An absolute classic. All the stories are top notch.

Guts and Grog Reviews said...

No problem. I will always point people in the way of "The Willies."

Real Queen of Horror said...

Yay giveaway!

My favorite horror anthology is Creepshow, simply because; "Just call me Billy--everyone does!" I remember seeing it when I was like 5 & I've been quoting it ever since. Ah...memories.

lilbabypug said...

liked and liked and followed and such. I'm gonna go with Creepshow just because for me it's so nostalgic.

Diana Stanhope said...

My favorite horror anthology is The House That Dripped Blood. I love Amicus Productions, they were stunning to look at and always creepy good fun. Plus you just can't beat the Peter Cushing Christopher Lee combo. ♥

non_amos said...

I'd have to say the original Creepshow because it really tripped me out the first time I saw it.


non_amos said...

I also did the various steps to enter this giveaway.


It Came From The Man Cave said...

Ok Mandy I liked both Facebook pages but I rarely log into that sorry. Did the Twitter feed and I already follow your blog yay! SO thanks for the chance to win. Here is my email

mda4life at yahoo dot com

Amanda said...

Thanks everyone for entering but the contest ended on Friday the 13th! Stay tuned for future contests and giveaways!

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