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E3 Gameplay: The Evil Within

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has released game play for the upcoming survival horror video game, The Evil Within. From Shinji Mikami, creator of Resident Evil, The Evil Within follows detective Sebastian Castellanos along a murder investigation where he is immersed in a dimension full of creatures and the dead.

The game will be released on October 21, 2014 on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and 4. The game was developed by Tango Gameworks and is being published by Bethesda Softworks.

Check out the game play and teaser trailer below!


Travel Guide to the Worst Deniations in Horror


Can you feel it in the air? Spring is right around the corner and before you know it, it will be summer. It’s time to start thinking about a quick getaway for you and that special someone. But planning a vacation isn’t always easy; there’s a lot of thought that should go into it. It’s important to know which places have the best sights, the safest areas, and the cheapest rates. At FEARnet, we want to help you make the right decision when choosing your destination, and help save you the money of hiring a travel agent! Here is our list of the places you want to avoid when planning your next trip!

Pripyat, Ukraine—Chernobyl Diaries

What could be more romantic than taking your lady to an area infamous for one of the worst nuclear power plant disasters in history? It may be the radiation in the air, or the lack of happiness and human life, but the area surrounding the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant isn’t exactly the ideal vacation for us—or probably any other sane individual. You never know though, the thought of mutilated fish and ghosts from the residents who died tragically in the explosion just might turn some people on. 

Argentina—And Soon the Darkness

If you were two gorgeous American girls traveling in Argentina, you would obviously bring strange men back to your hotel room and sun bathe out in the middle of nowhere, right? I mean, it’s not like anyone is watching you or looking to take advantage of your inexperience and lack of knowledge on the area or anything. Even if you aren’t Amber Heard-status, you should probably be more careful in Argentina, and do not trust local authorities. Only trust Karl Urban. But that should be the motto for any life situation. 

Mexico—The Ruins

If something is really hard to find and a taxi driver practically refuses to take you there, that’s probably a good sign that you should leave it alone. But, most people don’t know how to leave things alone, and you are probably going to head to Mexico in search of some ruins and booze. Just be careful not to follow any new friends to a remote Mayan ruin, where there’s a good chance some evil plants will mess with you until you lose your mind and/or die. Another helpful hint is to learn the Mayan language (whatever it is) so that you can communicate with any villagers that might threaten your life and prevent you from leaving the dangerous piece of land. 

Appalachian Mountains—The Descent

Spelunking is dangerous no matter where you are, but there are particular caves in the Appalachian Mountains that are filled with cannibalistic creatures who can function amazingly well in complete darkness. If you are the adventurous type and there’s no stopping you from taking on this claustrophobic cavern, you should at least be prepared with the necessary weapons and gear. Make sure that you choose your companions wisely, and pick the right time of the month. Can you imagine six women stuck underground during their period? The underground humanoids would be the least of your worries.

The Australian Outback, Australia—Wolf Creek

If traveling along the vast and remote countryside with no one around who can really help you sounds like the perfect trip, then the Outback is right for you! Unfortunately, there’s a slight chance that you may run into some bad people who prey on vulnerable backpackers and inflict endless torture on them. Just make sure to avoid Mick Taylor at all costs and NEVER take a ride from him, drink his water, or turn your back on him. We wouldn’t want you to become another head on a stick! 

Texas—The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas is good for longhorn steak, Friday night football, and the Sawyer family. It’s important to avoid visiting cemeteries where grave robbing has been going on, and to keep away from the Sawyer’s turf. And whatever you do—do not pick up hitchhikers. You will regret it. And if you decide to visit an old family home in the midst of strange occurrences, make sure not to just let yourself into the workspace of Leatherface—he can be very quick to react without thinking.  Oh, and you might want to think about wearing an outfit that doesn’t expose your entire back; it makes for easier hook access. 


Chile is exotic, beautiful, and it’s full of youthful people who are looking to have a good time, just like you. You’re probably thinking that this is the perfect destination, right? You should probably think again.  Their prisons aren’t really that strong, and if an earthquake happens there’s a good chance that it will collapse and unleash blood-thirsty criminals onto the streets. To make matters worse, the only way to distinguish criminals from the regular people are by their tattoos (have fun with that). Along with the horde of criminals, there’s the risk of aftershocks that can cause debris, and much worse—Tsunami’s. Can I get a hell no?


What is it with young people completely losing their inhibitions in a foreign place? It’s like they don’t know that they’re in a horror movie and are the prime targets for dangerous activity (weird, right?). Luckily, you have us to warn you of the dangers of getting drunk and passing out on a beach in Brazil. You won’t get woken up by Giselle; you’ll wake up without all of your belongings and money. This will eventually lead you to wander into the town where it seems as though everyone is in on your robbery and is against you. This will cause you to trust the only person who offers you help, and that can lead you right into the hands of a physician who needs some organs to sell on the black market. Be careful because you might wake up in a tub of ice with a lot more missing than just a kidney.

London, England—American Werewolf in London

Sure London may have Notting Hill and Hugh Grant, but it also secretly houses werewolves who have an affinity for tourists. If you ever stumble upon a quaint pub called “The Slaughtered Lamb” make sure to avoid asking about the five-pointed star hanging up on their wall—they are very sensitive about it. And if for some reason you decide to go backpacking in the middle of the night during a full moon, keep to the road or else you’ll be going through an extremely painful werewolf transformation a few days later, and you’ll probably be haunted by some people you will undoubtedly kill.


Ugh, is sex really all that guys think about? Oh right, they think about weed too. Well, those two things can get you into trouble with a certain association while traveling in Slovakia. You must pay attention to the type of Hostel you check in to—and the beautiful people who seem to be throwing themselves at you for no apparent reason. You know very well that you are not that attractive, and you don’t have any game. It’s all a facade for a much bigger operation, and if you’re an American—you’re prime rib, baby. Some people would pay a lot of money to do some very bad things to you, and certain Hostel’s in Slovakia are willing to take that money and serve you to them on a silver platter. 

Professional Wrestlers in Horror Movies


Wrestlers are athletes and entertainers. Their job is to put on a believable performance inside of the ring, making fans fully immersed in the show. Getting into character night after night requires a certain level of talent and acting ability, which may lead some wrestlers to think that they can handle a role on the big screen. For some wrestlers, they have the acting chops to carry a movie under their name, and for others—they should stick to performing pile drivers and body slams. 

Horror movies seem to be the start for most wrestlers because it’s a genre where over-the-top acting can be accepted, and it’s a world not too far off from the WWE universe. In honor of Wrestlemania 30 airing this Sunday, and with the April 11th release of the WWE horror film Oculus, FEARnet takes a look back at the Wrestlers who have starred in horror movies.

Tommy Dreamer—Army of the Damned

Former Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) and WWE wrestler, the “Innovator of Violence” appeared in the underrated comedy-horror flick as a cop responding to a routine house call with his rookie partner. Soon his character is transformed into something evil, and Dreamer finds himself performing similar acts of violence not far off from his character inside of the ring. Known for making himself bloody in the wrestling world, he takes his role of Officer Carpoza to the extreme, making sure to give viewers what they look for in a fun horror movie. 

Bill Goldberg—Santa’s Slay

When Goldberg took on the role of Saint Nick, World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and WWE fans probably worried that the character would tarnish his tough-guy wrestler image. However, Goldberg’s Santa was evil and murderous, allowing him to showcase his wrestling skills while killing people in Christmas-themed ways. Goldberg’s acting wasn’t award-worthy, but it was just right for a black horror-comedy about a Satanic Santa Claus on a rampage in a place called Hell Township.

Jesse “The Body” Ventura—Predator

Before Jesse Ventura was rambling on about government conspiracy theories, he was a heel in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Ventura’s bully bodybuilder persona was perfect for his small role in 1987’s Predator, alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Special Forces team on a rescue mission in Central America. Ventura’s character Blain Cooper was similar to his character inside of the ring, making his performance acceptable in a film filled with other strong male personalities. 

Diamond Dallas Page—The Devil’s Rejects

DDP is now into healthy living and yoga (he saved Jake the Snake’s life with it), and has stepped far away from his WCW character. But, he still has a specific kind of look that makes him perfect for thuggish roles like his character in The Devil’s Rejects. There was just the right amount of DDP in the film and his presence helped add to the hillbilly atmosphere. While he may not be beating the crap out of men in the ring and is instead doing downward dog yoga positions, he still looks like someone you wouldn’t want to mess with, which is exactly what director Rob Zombie was going for when he cast the wrestler for the role. 

Paul “Triple H” Levesque--Blade: Trinity

While Triple H is the head of the Authority in the WWE, his power doesn’t mean a thing outside of the WWE Universe. At one point in his career, Triple H and the WWE thought it would be a great idea for him to begin an acting career. This led to his role as a vampire in 2004’s Blade: Trinity, starring Wesley Snipes as the titular character. Unfortunately for Triple H, he was given dialogue—very cheesy dialogue. His performance as Jarko Grimwood made the wrestler appear more lame than badass, and showed the world just how awful of an actor he was when he couldn’t rely on the Pedigree to save him.

Tyler Mane—Rob Zombie’s Halloween

In case you didn’t notice, the former WCW wrestler is tall as fuck. Like, scary tall. Luckily, Rob Zombie took notice in his intimidating appearance and cast him as the classic role of Michael Myers in his 2007 remake of Halloween. Although the role didn’t require a lot of speaking, it required a certain kind of movement and presence in the eyes to present a level of evil on the screen. Mane nailed both, and was able to bring Myers to life, bringing his own spin to it and making him appear just as ruthless as the character in the original film.

Glenn “Kane” Jacobs—See No Evil

Now he is known in WWE as the Director of Operations and has joined the Authority, but before he was “corporate Kane” he starred in the WWE Studios horror See No Evil as Jacob Goodnight, a reclusive psychopath with serious mommy issues. His character did not speak much and required more physical acting than anything, which is exactly what wrestlers do inside of the ring. While the story was mediocre and Kane’s face did not really fluctuate through the different emotions his character was supposed to be feeling, his role as the scary bad guy was somewhat believable as he took down punk kids who were trapped in an old hotel. 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson—Doom

The Rock is probably the most successful wrestler-turned actor, and is one of the few who can actually carry a movie with his acting abilities. Hailing from a family of wrestlers, The Rock made a name for himself in the “Attitude Era” of the WWF (now WWE). Using his charisma and charm, The Rock was able to establish himself as a respected actor and now goes by his real name, Dwayne Johnson. But before he dropped “The Rock” from his moniker, he had a role in 2005’s Doom, an adaptation of the 1993 first-person shooter game. While the movie wasn’t exactly a hit and The Rock’s performance wasn’t spectacular, it’s safe to say that it didn’t do much to hinder his career. 

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper—They Live

Although Roddy Piper never held a world championship in the WWE, his talents on the mic helped him standout to wrestling fans. His strong presence and quick wit helped him land a role in the 1988 John Carpenter classic, They Live. His character discovers that the world is overrun by aliens who are controlling the human population with subliminal messages. The revelation doesn’t sit well with his character and he decides to fight for humankind, leading to one of the best on-screen fight sequences in cinema and the awesomely cool line, “I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass…and I’m all out of bubble gum.” Piper’s wrestling persona certainly helped him with his tough-as-nails role in the film, and his experience in the ring helped the actor withstand the physical beatings he would take—and give—in the movie.

Pro wrestlers are both athletes and entertainers. Their job is to put on a believable performance inside of the ring, making fans fully immersed in the show. Getting into character night after night requires a certain level of talent and acting ability, which may lead some wrestlers to think they can handle a role on the big screen. For some wrestlers, they have the acting chops to carry a movie under their name, while others... well, they should stick to performing pile-drivers and body slams.  - See more at:

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