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Giveaway: The Purge: ANARCHY

The Purge: Anarchy is currently in theaters, and I've been hearing some decent reviews. The verdict so far is that it's an improvement from the first installment.

In honor of the horror movie, Universal has given me the opportunity to host giveaway that will surely help you during the annual purge.

Enter for you chance to win The Purge prize pack, which includes: - The Purge: Anarchy Promo T-shirt (size L)
- The Purge: Anarchy Promo Flashlight
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- The Purge: Anarchy First Aid Kit 

All you have to do is follow me on Twitter (@LivnDeadGrl), Like Mandy's Morgue of Horror  on Facebook, and tweet me/Facebook me (whichever you have) "I WANT TO WIN THE #PURGEANARCHY PRIZE PACK."

Easy, right? And who wouldn't want to win all of that cool stuff. God bless America.



When you're suicidal and the wife of the guy you're having an affair with mysteriously dies, it's only normal that you wouldn't feel ready to move in with that guy and marry him, right? For model Alison Parker in the classic horror The Sentinel, finding an affordable apartment in Brooklyn Heights is exactly what her life needed. However, upon moving in and experiencing paranormal phenomena she discovers why it was so easy to land her dream home.

The 1977 film stars Cristina Raines as Alison, Chris Sarandon, John Carradine, and a special appearance by a young Jeff Goldblum (for the ladies). There are several legitimately creepy moments throughout, and a tense, frightening final act, reaffirming my beliefs that the film is a horror classic.

Before Alison embarks on her journey in her new apartment, she learns that her father has passed away. She visits her childhood home and we are given a glimpse into her teenage years, as well as her troubled relationship with her father. When Alison was younger, she arrived home to find her father in bed, naked, with two women. The scarring encounter with her father was enough to make Alison lose her faith and make her first suicide attempt.

For me, the scene was extremely creepy and reminiscent to the scene in The Shining where Wendy sees the man in the bear suit. No one wants to walk into a  menage a trois of 3 out of shape, middle-aged people, ESPECIALLY if one of those people is your dad.

That scene set the mood for the rest of the film, and I knew that things were most likely going to get worse as we discover more about Alison and accompany her on her journey. And things did get worse for Alison. Much worse.

When she walks into her neighbors apartment, she meets two odd women who have no problem masturbating in front of her. I CAN'T. I was so uncomfortable for Alison, but girl took the situation fairly well. She just giggled and attempted to look away. She only really got offended once she asked the women what they do, and they replied that they just pleasure each other all day. Ok, well, that's great. If we could all make a living just pleasuring each other all day, the world would be a much easier place.

Later on in the film, Alison keeps hearing strange noises and fears that there is someone upstairs above her. When she investigates on her own, the audience is given a shocking reveal of a ghostly figure as he pops out of nowhere and walks past Alison as though she weren't there. It turns out that the figure was Alison's dead father, and he attacks her. The scene was terrifying for how subtle it is in the reveal, and for the fact that the ghosts seemed to be able to do harm to the living.

After all of Alison's encounters and strange behaviors, she eventually learns that the apartment building is the gateway to hell--AND GUESS WHAT? IT NEEDS A NEW GATEKEEPER.

The final act of the film is eery and the casting for the minions of hell is spot on. Alison has no escape and she's forced to witness haunting scene after haunting scene, and the audience gets to experience it all with her.

I really enjoyed The Sentinel throughout. It was an interesting take on the concept of faith, good versus evil, and the devil. My only concern was that the movie did seem a little too long, but I felt like the payoff in the end made it all worth it.

The film did a great job at establishing Alison's character and making you like and feel for her. Plus, THE FASHION WAS ON POINT. Can we talk about how homegirl slightly resembles Olivia Munn (my fav) and was a total babe throughout the movie? She may have been facing the forces of evil, but her outfits were always perfect to the T. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of a final girl.


Creepy Dolls and Cannibals, Oh My!

I'm going to press pause on my horror movie for a moment, so that I can take a break and reflect on all of the creepy and crazy going on around the world lately. Horrific things that make up our favorite movies do happen in real life, and lately it seems like it is more prevalent.

For 2 weeks in July, at least 8 families woke up to porcelain dolls placed on their front porches in San Clemente, California. It gets creepier--the dolls all resembled the young daughters of the families.

 The mysterious gifts frightened the parents, prompting one mother to tell NBC news, "I’m actually thinking the worst — someone creepy watching our children, and I'm actually pretty scared about it.”

The entire situation played out like the beginning of a horror movie that would eventually reveal some elaborate plan to kidnap the children. At least, that's what I thought. As it turns out, the whole thing wasn't so creepy and the dolls were actually left by a sweet old woman who went to church with the families. Although, I'm not really buying her story!

Gregory Scott
From one harmless news story to a much scarier world problem: CANNIBALS.

Recently, Gregory Scott of Tennessee was arrested for the murder of Lisa Hyder. Not only did the sick bastard kill, dismember, and bury the victim's remains, but he decided to eat some of her as well. It was a random act and police aren't quite sure if it was Scott's first murder or not.

After learning of the case, I discovered the story of Dale Bolinger of the United Kingdom. Bolinger, a male nurse, has been arrested for trying to persuade a 14 year old girl he met online to let him kill and eat her. The 58 year old married father of three was a part of a fetish network where he also bragged about eating a 5 year old girl, a 39 year old woman, and a fetus in front of its mother.

During his trial his defense team claimed that Bolinger was just a fantasist who just took his stories too far. However, in 2010 Bolinger assaulted a woman by placing a cloth covered in dry-cleaner fluid over her face. So...he's totally not dangerous at all.

Oh, and then there was the case in 2013 of the "cannibal cop" Gilberto Valle, 28, of New York. Valle had planned to rape, torture, kill, and eat women. He even had a "blueprint" for one of his planned victim's written out on his wife's laptop titled, "Abducting and Cooking Kimberly--A Blueprint." His lawyers also argued that he was just fantasizing and basically wouldn't have done those things. UM, MOTHERFUCKER MADE A BLUEPRINT. I can't even write an outline for an essay that I have to write. He was clearly dedicated.

I can go on and on about all of the crazy (and disgusting) things that are going on daily, because I would never run out of anything interesting to tell. With all of the violence going on, it's easy for people to blame horror movies (SLENDERMAN, ANYONE?), but I really don't think that people need horror movies to make them crazy...they were born that way. And if Hollywood is ever looking for its next horror movie, all it has to do is take a look at the news. Or watch hours of Investigation Discovery, and be terrified to ever leave their house for fear of being me.

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