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Listen: Nobody Gets Out Alive Soundtrack Released

Two years ago indie filmmaker Jason-Christopher Mayer gave us the brutal homage to films of the 70s and 80s with his horror debut, Nobody Gets Out Alive. Now, a never-before-released soundtrack featuring original music from artists like CKY and Viking Skull is available--for FREE.

Nobody Gets Out Alive (also known as Down the Road, Punishment, and Slasher in the Woods) follows a group of college friends whose camping trip is disrupted by a madman seeking revenge.The film stars a variety of newcomers and includes film vet Clint Howard.

The soundtrack is now available for FREE on band camp. You can list to it here: The movie is available on DVD, iTunes and Amazon.


Internet Horror: True Crimes that Rocked the Web

The Internet is so convenient. You can do all of your shopping, catch up on the latest news, and you can meet some really great people who share similar interests. But in addition to the nice people you meet online, there are also predators that prowl the web, searching for their next victim. Some people take to the Internet to fulfill their darkest desires and ulterior motives, and it’s those people who make the online world a lot less safe. The following are some of the most deadly cases of crime committed via the Internet.

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The Foxiest Silver Foxes in Horror

By definition a silver fox is a handsome, grey-haired man. But, to me, a silver fox is much more than that. It  is a man who has truly experienced life, a gent that is full of wisdom and accomplishment. Age is not the only thing that marks a silver fox; he’s also charming, rugged, versatile, and could easily throw you over his shoulder while battling bad guys (or good guys) simultaneously. He’s a man in every sense of the word, and he can hold his own in a world where being young is considered the ideal.
Some men have a certain quality about them that makes them stand out and draws you to them. In their honor, we are taking a look at some of the most memorable silver foxes in the horror genre, and paying respect to the bad asses, the ladies men, the saviors, and the villains who have made the world of genre film a much better—and sexier—place.
To get your full dosage of all things sexy, check out the full list on Wicked Horror!

Doomed Domiciles: Horror House to Avoid at All Costs

Moving into your own place is a big step, and it can be scary. Whether you’re buying a house or renting an apartment, it’s a big commitment that requires a lot of consideration. You’ll have to worry about expenses, the safety of the neighborhood, and most importantly, you’ll have to be sure that you will enjoy living there. On the outside a house can look perfect, but there is always a history behind it. Some houses are far from perfect and others are downright dangerous.
We want to help make the search for your new home a little easier. With us as your guide you will know about every murder, death, haunting and more that has occurred at the following residences. The following are houses you should avoid at all costs.
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Review: Unfriended

While I could start this review by discussing in detail how important the Internet and technology have become to us, I’m not going to. We all get it. We all know how much we rely on the net, and we all know very well how the younger generation uses and abuses it. So, a horror movie based around the web and cyber-bullying is not far-fetched at all; however, when you tell the entire film from a character’s computer screen, the situation becomes a lot less scary and extremely boring. Unfriended is a horror movie that sounded brilliant on paper but it ultimately did not translate well to the screen.
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Noteworthy Paranormal Investigators In Horror

Who can you turn to when you are attacked by someone—or something—that you cannot see? Experiencing paranormal phenomena can be detrimental to a person’s health, especially if they don’t have anyone to help. Fear of ridicule and embarrassment may hold a person back from seeking assistance against the supernatural. But it is important to know that there are people out there who understand what you are going through.
Paranormal investigators, mediums, psychics and the like know exactly what you are dealing with, and they can help. Because there is no directory specializing in the supernatural, Wicked Horror has sorted through the inexperienced investigators and experts alike to provide you a comprehensive list showcasing the best of the best. These are the supernatural sleuths you need by your side when the devil comes knocking at your door.
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The Hottest Dads in Horror

Holidays like Father’s Day have become nothing more than a Hallmark goldmine. They sell their cards full of drivel explaining what makes the perfect dad, and stores capitalize on your need to present your love with materialistic things by stocking their up on endless amounts of stuff that your dad will probably never use. With the hoopla that surrounds the celebration of dad, we seem to have lost sight of what is most important in a father: His looks. A good looking man is one thing, but a good looking father is everything. In honor of that, Wicked Horror is taking a look at some of the hottest dads in horror movies.
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The Worst Dressed in Horror

Award season may be over, but that won't stop Zena (of Real Queen of Horror) and I from handing out fashion fines and arrests in the horror world. We've already rewarded some of the best dressed in horror, and now it's time for us to count down some of the worst.

You may recognize many on this list for being heavyweights in the horror game. While having an outfit that is iconic and mainstream is great for their characters, it doesn't necessarily make them well dressed. We risk our lives and poke fun at the fashion sense of some of the biggest monsters in the genre.

Who would make your worst dressed list?

The Worst:

Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Amanda: Don't get me wrong: I'm a Freddy girl, I've always been a Freddy girl, and I'll always be a Freddy girl. But, the green and red sweater makes him look more like a drunk uncle at the family holiday party instead of the vicious psychopathic killer that he truly is. Clearly his outfit has worked for him throughout the years, and he wears a fedora well. However, that doesn't make the outfit any less ugly.

Zena: Wearing a dirty Christmas sweater with holes (even though it's no where near Christmas) isn't something we all like to see. Mr. Krueger, do us all a favor: if you insist on wearing funky, sweat-infested sweaters…wash them; or better yet, take them to the cleaners. Perhaps they could fix those holes that seem unfixable. Those scissor hands are pretty creative, but not quite fashionable. I'll let you slide for the fedora because I'm actually a fan…at least you got that right!

Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Zena: Ok, I give you kudos for snatching attractive people's faces off; however, you forgot one major thing: your clothes! Get rid of that apron. Burn it. And since you took someone's face, you might as well take their clothes! C'mon, Leather!

Amanda: Leatherface obviously puts all of his energy into finding and making the perfect face, so much so that he forgets to put any effort into his outfits. To his defense, his family isn't exactly fashionable either, and you learn from what you know and have around you. He does clean up well for family dinners though, and he manages to look dapper in a suit. If only he would dress like Don Draper more often, he wouldn't have landed on our list!

Michael Myers (Halloween)
Amanda: I'm not sure if Michael Myers is trying to kill me, or if he's trying to fix my car. The outfit was something that Michael picked up and put on for its convenience, but he has been out of that hospital for many years now and should have put on something else. I guess when you are pre-occupied with murdering every last member of your family--and anyone else that gets in the way--you're not really worried about your outfit. 
Zena: I'm really curious to see what's behind that white mask with the full brown hair. But I'm more curious as to why you think that navy, boring mechanics jumpsuit is intriguing or even scary. It's neither. I hate it. Fail. 

Chucky (Child's Play)
The overalls were cute in the 80s, but in a time where dolls come with five different outfits and accessories, Chucky is totally out of style. If you're going to be stuck in the body of a hideous doll, you might as well make the best of it and try for an outfit change. You have to make yourself look more appealing to the kiddies if you want to stand any chance of stealing their soul and body!

Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th series)
Jason Voorhees has a face that only a mother could love, and a style envied by farmers everywhere. If Jason
was going for the "farmer-chic" look, then he nailed it. But, Jason doesn't farm--he murders sex-crazed teens. The horror fashion police give him a slight pass for his unfortunate and tragic situation, but he got a second chance at life (or something like it); a second chance to look better. And he failed to look better. We don't blame the kids at camp for teasing him--have you seen his collar shirts and un-tailored trousers?! Don't even get us started on that bag he wears on his head--OR THE HOCKEY MASK.

  Bonus: Zena's Picks for Even Worse Dressed Horror Characters

Sarah (Starry Eyes)
I get that some girls are truly into their art, rather if it's dancing or singing, like Sarah. However,there was no reason, for when Sarah was dying, that she had to wear a white cami-tank and Granny drawers. If you insist on walking around or dying in your underwear, people are going to judge you. Throw on some silk. Victoria Secret is infamous for their sales; I suggest you go there. Also, pick up a beanie to cover up your hair since you choose to let it shed all over.

Maria (Slumber Party Massacre II)
I always despised Maria's wardrobe and had no idea how a girl had all those girlfriends, and yet no one helped her. Perhaps they hated her, or didn't like giving fashion tips to girls who have pepperoni shaped nips. 

I guess the schooling system is hiring anyone or anything. This girl was tortured and all, sure, but I'm baffled as to how slutty she dressed. It wasn't fierce, hot or sexy; it was slutty. A leather skirt with tights and no panties? Have you no shame? Better yet, how were you comfortable being around teenagers? I know for fashion we sometimes have to suffer; however, Audrey was being torturous towards herself long before The Orphan Killer came along.

Poor Maddy. She really tried giving herself a makeover so that Trevor would notice her. But I'm afraid she just looked better BEFORE her makeover. I hate to say it, but I think Jason hated her makeover. Give it up, Maddy! 

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The Best Dressed in Horror

Award season has come to a close and New York Fashion week has passed. While everyone anxiously waited for who would win Best Picture, and while Beyonce was forced to put up with North West's tantrum during Kanye's fashion show, the most important question on everybody's mind was, “Who are you wearing?”

The fashion police were on the prowl, picking out the best and worst dressed of the season. While they were picking out the stars dressed in high end haute couture, Zena (of Real Queen of Horror) and I have decided to compile our own best and worst dressed list of the horror genre.

First we take a look at the best dressed horror characters over the past thirty years. We look at fashion from the 80s, 90s, 2000s and today, choosing the characters whose outfits became iconic and the ones who dressed to impress. Who made your best dressed list?

The Best
      Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)

Amanda: Bateman may be a psychopathic killer, but at least he does his dirty deeds while looking dapper. Between his perfectly coiffed hair and his structured suits, he is by far the best dressed killer out there. Whether he’s wearing pinstripe shirts, suspenders, or protective outwear over his outfits, Patrick Bateman is always dressed to kill.  

Zena: This cold-blooded killer of the night always plays it polished with his cutaway collar and tailored shirts. Besides being addicted to brutally killing prostitutes, Mr. Bateman is addicted to big labels such as Armani, Givenchy--and let's not forget--Valentino. How many men, let alone psychotic murders, can be meticulously groomed like our very own Mr. Batman? 

Trash (Return of the Living Dead)

Amanda: Sometimes less is more, and when you have an incredible body why would you cover it up with clothes? Trash is sexy and rebellious, and her personality shows through the clothes—or lack thereof—that she chooses to wear. While she rocks black leather shorts and a cutoff jacket like no other, it’s the way she strips the clothes from her body that REALLY sells the outfit.

Zena: Amanda, I definitely agree! Trash is a pure sex kitten with hardcore hair! Majority of girls always say "I have nothing to wear!" Well, let us all take notes from Trash. You can't go wrong with leopard and leather!

  Snake Plissken (Escape from LA)

Amanda: Has an eye patch ever looked sexier? Wearing head-to-toe leather can be tricky, but Snake Plissken’s lean body fills out his clothes in all of the right places. With his leather jacket, black boots, and those fingerless gloves, Plissken oozes bad boy sex appeal without trying too hard.

Zena: When it comes to Snake, he has to be one of the roughest and toughest eye patch wearing men walking these streets! When he is in all black, I'm definitely a huge fan!

Pam (True Blood)

Amanda: Pam was everybody’s favorite smart-ass vamp on True Blood. Not only was she quick-witted and fearless, but her fashion was always on point—no matter what life-or-death situation she was in. Her hair was never out of place, and between wearing gorgeous corsets and skintight leather and black, she was always dressed like royalty. Her clothes represented her personality perfectly and with her confidence, it’d be hard for her to ever end up on the worst dressed list.

Zena: I love that Pam wears over-the-top, body hugging outfits! Whether she's wearing fishnets, latex, leather or corsets, her outfits are edgy with a definite, always in-your-face fierce look!

The Grady Twins (The Shining)

Amanda: Some can argue that the Grady twins were a tad bit creepy, but they just wanted somebody to play with in the lonely Overlook Hotel. Despite being dead, the girls were still dressed well. Who can forget their adorable matching baby-doll dresses and white knee-high socks. The hair berets were like icing on the cake of the cutest outfit in the after-world. 

Zena: These girls make me reevaluate plastic hair clips that I used to wear as a five-year-old. Also, let's not forget the bib neckline dresses. Who says that a girl has to be sexy to be fashionable? There's nothing wrong with being good ol' fashioned creepy. It worked for these two dead girls, so I'm sure it'll work for me!

  Diane Freeling (Poltergeist)

Amanda: And the award for best nightie ever goes to Diane Freeling. Toward the end of her ordeal when Diane thought that her family had overcome the darkness, she threw on an over-sized jersey that made it too hard for supernatural forces to resist her. A woman usually always looks sexy in her man’s shirt, but Diane looks even sexier being thrown around a bedroom and falling into a pool full of skeletons. Comfortable, low maintenance, and fearless mama bear—Diane Freeling would look hot in a brown paper bag.

 Zena: I always thought that Diane should have been known as "Mama Quarterback" so this outfit fits her well. When she was being dragged around on her ceiling, all I could think was "Where can I get that jersey?!" The tasseled, I've-just-been-thrown-among-skeletons look is so in.

 Anna (The Guest)

Amanda: Throughout The Guest Anna’s fashion was on point. Between wearing a skull tunic and garter belts, and her gorgeous full head of curls, Anna made you wish that you dressed half as good as she did when you were in high school. My personal favorite of her movie looks was her work uniform where she transformed into an alternative real-life version of Alice in Wonderland. Seriously? This girl can make her shitty waitress uniform look chic by adding black thigh highs and combat boots with laces to match the sleeves of her top. 

Zena: When it comes to Anna, I'm completely in love with her wardrobe! I live for her skull tunic with garter belts! When I first saw her in that outfit, I literally screamed because I'm absolutely in love with her style. She is the best dressed waitress EVER.

  Sarah, Nancy, Bonnie and Rochelle (The Craft)

Amanda: Don’t act like you never went through a phase in your life where you didn’t want to dress like a Catholic school girl, or at least have sex with one. The girls of The Craft may have been outcasts in their high school, but I could never understand why—they were friggin hot! Each made their school uniforms better by adding their own personal spin to it, and outside of school the girl’s fashion was the epitome of 90’s fashion. 

Zena: Can we take a moment to thank God for white button downs with the sleeves rolled up, and knee socks? These girls may not always be in the right place but their wardrobes are.

Lola Stone (The Loved Ones)

Amanda: Lola was the Queen of prom for a reason: she looked damn good in a pink dress. The hot pink sleeveless number she wore to torture her Prince Charming perfectly showcased who she was as a person. She was childish, immature, and a total princess; and her cutesy dress highlighted all of that. Just because it was cutesy doesn’t mean I didn’t love it—girl knows how to rock a prom dress! I would totally blow my whistle for her any day.

Zena: I would totally hang out with Lola; simply so I can borrow her hot heels and awesome crown. That's something every girl needs in their wardrobe: a hot pair of heels with a bow and a crown.

Angela (Night of the Demons)

Amanda: Pre or post demon possession, Angela was a hot party girl who knew how to dress. That plunging neck-line and lace! All black everything! She wore fashion trends BEFORE they were fashion trends. Angela was the queen of the party because she was queen at life. Excuse me while I fan myself after looking at all of her perfectness.

Zena: Original Angela was a goddess! I adored her long black tulle dress with deep neckline, cross earrings and fishnets! I have no idea what she was supposed to be for Halloween, but who cares?! Possessed or not…please give us your outfit; keep the broken crown.

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Horror Royal Rumble Contenders

This Sunday WWE presents the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event in Philadelphia, marking its 28th year and beginning the road to Wrestlemania 31. The event includes a 30-man Royal Rumble match where the winner will go on to wrestle for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania.

While many have already predicted who will win this years match (hi Roman Reigns), it's still exciting to see who comes to the ring first, see surprise entrants and superstars from WWE's past, as well as who gets knocked over the front rope the fastest, and who can remain in the ring for a majority of the match.

In honor of the upcoming event I have compiled a list of characters for a Horror Royal Rumble based on their strengths and weaknesses, and what they can offer in a professional wrestling match. Who would you pick in a 30-man Horror Royal Rumble?

The Top 10

Michael Myers (Halloween)

Michael Myers brutally murdered his sister when he was six years old and was institutionalized most of his life until he broke out fifteen years later. Despite his time spent locked up he grew up to be very strong and agile as a young adult. His height and upper body strength would be his advantage in a battle against 30 men, and with bullets and knives (not permitted weapons in the rumble match) unable to take him down, the seemingly indestructible force would be a contender to win the battle, or at least last until there are only three other men left in the ring.

Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th Part II)

Jason Voorhees died tragically as a boy at summer camp, but that didn't stop him from returning years later to avenge his mother's death. Although Jason has facial deformities and mental disabilities, that does not mean he is weak or stupid. He knows how to pace himself and wait for the right moment to attack, and due to his brute strength he is able to take down anyone easily. He does have a slight advantage over everyone else because he is supernatural, but in a good old fashioned wrestling match his endurance and strength are what will help him stay in the rumble until the very end.

Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Leatherface just wants to look pretty and wear people’s faces and if you happen to stumble upon the Sawyer family home, it’s totally your fault for getting in his way. His weapon of choice is his trusted chainsaw and while that isn’t allowed in a traditional rumble match, he can use his upper body strength to powerbomb and body slam his opponents with ease. He’s a little mentally unstable (but, aren’t they all?) and tends to freak out in overwhelming situations, so that could work against him in a battle with 29 other strong contenders. 

Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Freddy Krueger may have molested some of the children in Springwood and was casually burned alive by their vengeful parents, but that wasn’t enough to stop him from living (spiritually) and having a great sense of humor. He isn’t physically strong or big, but he is sneaky and smart. Size doesn’t always matter in a fight and what he lacks in muscle density he makes up for with his quick thinking. He could easily find a way to last in the rumble by allowing everyone else to fight and throw each other out while he remained under the radar throughout the match.

John Nada (They Live)

John Nada shares a striking resemblance with WWE Legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, and he knows how to move like him too! Nada is a drifter who marches to the beat of his own drum and defies authority when the time is right. He’s built like a wrestler, he knows how to brawl, and something tells me that he would be very good on the mic too. But mic skills don’t matter in the rumble—wrestling ability, intelligence, and endurance do—and Nada is the epitome of all of those things. When he’s not saving the world from aliens, he could probably win a Horror Character Royal Rumble match. But, he most likely would never receive the WWE World Heavyweight title.

Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)

Patrick Bateman is a metrosexual maniac who really just despises everyone but himself. He’s extremely meticulous, organized and efficient, especially when he wants to murder someone. While he can’t murder anyone in the rumble match, he can use his strong hatred for them as his fuel. He would undoubtedly go to the ring with a plan on how to attack, will have studied all of his possible contenders and their weaknesses, and will have trained like a beast so that he could fight like one. There is no way that Bateman would allow himself to be eliminated--it would be insulting to his character.

Jacob Goodnight (See No Evil)

Jacob Goodnight also resembles a WWE Superstar—Kane—and can use his height and build to his advantage. Jacob can pick individuals up without a problem, can take substantial abuse from others, and he’s good with his hands. While he may not have the endurance of some of the other contenders, his size will make it difficult for others to easily throw him over the top rope.

Ash (Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness)

Ash Williams isn't always the brightest character and he often makes dumb decisions that get him in to trouble. But, he's human, and human's make mistakes--and then learn from those mistakes. Despite his sporadic stupidity, Ash can be really clever and resourceful (he made a prosthetic hand out of a metal gauntlet, people!). His resourcefulness will keep him on his feet during the rumble match and his ability to overcome evil will help him outlast a lot of his opponents in the match.

Tyrese (The Walking Dead)

Tyrese is a very sensitive individual. He might be hesitant to hurt anyone when he first enters the ring, but once he starts getting hit or hurt, a switch will definitely go off and he will react as though his life depends on it. You won't like Tyrese when he's angry, and for a reason: he can throw a punch. Tyrese is a former NFL player, and his size is a testament to that. When he puts all of his weight into a punch, it will probably feel like you're being hit by a mack truck.

David (The Guest)

David is a soldier who has exceptional talents that can be used to his advantage. He’s not an extremely big guy, but he is lean, strong, and he knows how to fight. His aggressiveness may get him into trouble, but if you compile that with his swiftness he'll have no trouble throwing a few guys out of the ring. He's calculating and very smart, and he will most likely have his game plan mapped out within the first five seconds of being in the ring. David's build and agility would surely allow for some high-flying moves that can result in some epic eliminations on the other men in the ring.

Also in the Horror Royal Rumble Match:

Soo-Hyun (I Saw the Devil)
Dutch (Predator)
Abraham (The Walking Dead)
Dexter Morgan (Dexter)
Severen (Near Dark)
RJ McReady (The Thing)
Otis Driftwood (The Devil’s Rejects)
Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs)
Tex Sawyer (Leatherface)
Billy Ray Snapper (The Devil’s Rejects)
Machete (Machete)
Sex Machine (From Dusk Till Dawn)
Blade (Blade)
Santa Clause (Santa’s Slay)
The Juggernaut (Thirteen Ghosts)
Victor Crowley (Hatchet)
Captain Howdy (Strangeland)
Leslie Vernon (Behind the Mask)
Candyman (Candyman)
John Ryder (The Hitcher)

That's my list of  who I would like to see in a Horror Royal Rumble match. Every character has their own unique strengths--and weakness--that qualify them for the 30-man match. Who would you pick to win?

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A List of Real Life Killer Couples

February is right around the corner and with the impending Valentine's Day holiday approaching, I couldn't help but think of couples and murder. Some people bring out the worst in each other and when their passion for pain and suffering combine, a hellstorm of destruction ignites and ruins everything in its path. I've decided to take a look back at some of the worst killer duos who have made the world a much scarier and sadder place. Thankfully, these psychopaths have been caught and some have already met their fate, although none are as terrible as the fates that they forced upon their innocent victims.

Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo

Not everyone in Canada is nice and this killer couple proves that Canadian murderers are just as bad, if not worse, than American murderers. Before meeting his future wife Karla, Paul Bernardo was responsible for multiple sexual assaults of young women in the late 80s. When he and Homolka joined forces his sadistic fantasies became a reality, and the duo committed some of the most heinous acts on young women. Homolka helped Bernardo drug and rape her younger sister, Tammy, and videotaped the entire ordeal. Her sister died but the pair managed to escape prosecution for their crime. Following the murder, Homolka helped Bernardo sexually assault, torture, and murder at least two more young women, videotaping their exploits. The pair was eventually caught and Homolka testified against Bernardo in a plea deal for a reduced prison sentence of just 12 years. Bernardo got life imprisonment but Homolka is living free, happily married with three children while the children she helped kill never got to live their lives and have children of their own. Yay for the justice system.

Fred and Rosemary West

Fred and Rosemary West may look like a normal married couple with a family and a nice house, but behind closed doors the duo was pure evil. For over two decades Fred raped and tortured young women, and with the help of his second wife (Yup, he managed to snag two women in his lifetime), Rosemary, they murdered at least 11 women--including their own daughter. Fred liked to sexually assault his victims--including his daughters--and videotape himself doing so. After police began an investigation into the disappearance of their daughter Heather, they uncovered her remains under the family's patio. This eventually led to the discovery of the Wests' criminal activity over the years. Fred committed suicide before going on trial and Rosemary was sentenced to life in prison.

Sara Aldrete and Adolfo Constanzo

Being in love with someone can make you do stupid things. When Sara Aldrete met and fell in love with Adolfo Constanzo, a drug lord and cult leader in Mexico, she decided that she would do anything for him--even kill. Constanzo was power hungry and he believed that his magic spells helped his drug business flourish. Aldrete became the high priestess in the cult and together they sacrificed individuals for the sake of their livelihood. One human sacrifice included American student Mark Kilroy who disappeared on Spring Break in Mexico. Aldrete helped pick out Kilroy as a sacrifice after talking to him in a bar and learning that he was a med student--with a worthy brain. His abduction brought attention to the duo and their occult activities were eventually uncovered by authorities. At least fifteen mutilated corpses were recovered on the cult's ranch, including Kilroy's. Constanzo killed himself before police could arrest him, leaving Sara Aldrete to fend for herself. As it turned out, Constanzo was gay with a male lover, and had only used Sara for her connections. Sara was convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison and now knows why love really stinks.

Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky

In July 2007 two men broke into a home in Cheshire, Connecticut, resulting in a brutal massacre that caused controversy with the local law enforcement and re-sparked the death penalty debate. Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky spotted Jennifer Hawke-Petit and Michaela Petit while shopping and targeted them for robbery. The duo followed the mother and daughter home, waited until it was late, and began their home invasion. Komisarjevsky struck William Petit in the head with a baseball bat as he slept on the couch, and then tied him up in the basement. The men forced Mrs. Petit to make a withdrawal from a bank where she slipped a note to a teller informing her of the situation. While the police took their time responding to the situation, the men raped the women and killed Jennifer Peitit. They then set the house on fire while the two young daughters of the home remained tied up in their beds. Mr. Petit had escaped to safety, but his daughters died in the fire. Both of the assailants were caught, convicted, and sentenced to death for their crimes. The tragedy makes one realize just how vulnerable you are to anyone anywhere--especially in your own home.

Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris

When Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris met at the California Men's Colony where they had been serving time for their individual crimes, there was an immediate attraction. Although the attraction to one another was not sexual, the pair was drawn to each other over a shared love of sexual violence on women. When the friends were released and reunited on the outside, they were encouraged to carry out their darkest desires together. The pair embarked on a deadly adventure beginning in June of 1979, kidnapping, raping, torturing and killing young women in their van. The pair were eventually dubbed the "Tool Box Killers" because of the tools they often used to inflict pain on their victims. Thankfully, the pair was eventually caught and arrested.

Jessica Carson and Blaine Milam

Not everyone is adept to have children but that does not stop some people from actually having kids. Jessica Carson probably should not have had a child due to her obvious mental instabilities, but when Blaine Milam became a part of her life he encouraged her unstable tendencies by going a long with them. The mental delusions reached a breaking point on December 2, 2008 when the couple murdered Carson's 13 month-old daughter. The pair had believed that Carson's daughter was possessed by demons and needed an exorcism. The exorcism turned bad when the pair bludgeoned the child to death with a hammer in effort to "beat the demons" out of her. The poor child suffered extensive injuries including 18 rib fractures, 24 bite marks all over her body, she had been sexually assaulted, and more. Milam was sentenced to death--rightfully so--and Carson received life imprisonment. The pair may have not been serial killers, but their one crime was evil enough to make the list. One can only hope that Carson is receiving the right punishment from her fellow prison inmates for the awful death of her child.

David Parker Ray and Cindy Hendy

Behind every man is a woman who is just as crazy as he is. David Parker Ray (aka "The Toybox Killer") was an American serial killer who completed all of his terrible acts upon women with a woman named Cindy Hendy. Hendy, a mother of three, abandoned her children to fulfill a life of terror with Ray who is suspected to have killed at least 60 individuals--although no bodies have ever been recovered. Ray had soundproofed a truck trailer, which he used as his torture chamber known as the "toy box." The toy box was filled with  leg spreader bars, sex toys, and a mirror on the ceiling so that his victims could see everything that Ray would do to them. Hendy helped Ray in some of his crimes, including the abduction, torture and rape of Cynthia Vigil. Vigil managed to escape under Hendy's watch and led police to the sadistic individuals. Following the discovery, more women came forward claiming that Ray had raped and tortured them. Ray was sentenced to 224 years in prison but died of a heart attack in 2002.

 Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi

This dangerous family duo terrorized the women of Los Angeles in 1975. The cousins would drive around LA disguised as policemen, picking up unsuspecting women and taking them back home to rape and murder them. Together the pair murdered ten women mostly through strangulation, earning them the name "The Hillside Stranglers." Luckily for authorities, Bianchi was a dumb criminal on his own and when he murdered two women without Buono, police eventually caught on and arrested the pair. Both are serving life sentences.

The sad thing about this list is that it contains only a fraction of the sadistic duos who have been caught for their crimes. There are more killer pairs to add to the list, and that list will continue to grow because there will always be sick people out there who thrive on hurting others. The above criminals are just some of the crimes that have stayed with me due to their disturbing nature--mostly against females. It's a scary world that we live in and it's only getting scarier.

Notable mentions go to Henry Lee Lucas and Otiss Toole, Charles Ng and Leonard Lake, and Gerald and Charlene Gallego.

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